Your community for keeping current on Ruby and Rails

Monthly talks from experts

You'll hear about topics that will keep you ahead of the curve from members of the worldwide Ruby community.

Roundtable discussions

Each month after our talks, you'll have the chance to join the call and talk with the experts and attendees about what you're doing and get answers to your questions.

Forum and Chat

You'll join our Slack server and forum to discuss topics related to Ruby, Rails, and your career. We'll also pick a learning resource each month to follow and discuss each week Slack and our forum.


Expert Speakers every Month

Hear from experts from all over the world come and talk to us about what is coming next in the world of Ruby and Rails.


Network with Other Ruby Developers

Join our live roundtable discussions at monthly meetings. Interact on the forums and chat server. Make new friends and find new potential employers.


Learning Resource of the Month

Be a part of the discussion on our book or learning resource of the month in the chats, forums, and roundtable discussions.

Level Up with Us!

The best way for you to level up and find your dream job as a developer is to meet and talk to other people. Those discussions will help clarify what you need to learn and point you to resources that will help you build the skills you need.

We Are Your Community

Coaching dozens of developers in their careers has shown me that joining a community, especially a local community is one of the most effective things you can do to advance your career.

Join us! Level up!

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